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Laken shines !

Our aim is to help people (re)discover, love and use bicycles, and we focus particularly on the inhabitants of Laeken. We offer a lot of activities to suit all levels, whatever your level of cycling.

All VeloLaeken activities are free of charge. Take a ride with your neighbours, go for a walk, pimp or repair your bike, take part in a training course, try out an electric bike, try out pumptrack: it's all possible, and we're here to give you the means to make it happen!

Thanks to a number of local partnersVeloLaeken offers a programme for young and old, beginners, sports enthusiasts and the curious!


Thanks to VéloLaeken, MolemBIKE has been able to design a smootie bike from a draisienne.
The special thing about this chef's bike is that as well as mixing, you can also drive it! Fitted with brakes, it's easy to move around. See it at VéloLaeken events.

Our Smootie bikes are also available to hire for your events.

Guided tours

VéloLaeken offers guided bike tours through Laeken. An excellent way to (re)discover the town with friends or family.

Mechanical workshops

DIY workshops run by mechanics or bike mechanic training sessions to learn basic repairs for everyday use of your bike. These are usually held in the workshop, but you can also come along!

Bike training

If you want to learn or improve your cycling skills, VéloLaeken offers ladies-only courses, "Bike Experiences" and introductory courses for adults and children in the traffic.

VeloLaeken is a project run by four cycling associations - Pro Velo, Ride Your Future, CyCLO and MolemBIKE- and subsidised by the City of Brussels.

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