school contract


The Drootbeek School Contract targets several schools located in the same block in Laeken. Thanks to the City of Brussels, during three years, In collaboration with Ride Your Future, Cyclo, ProVelo, Interstice and Fietsbieb, we are offering a series of activities for children, parents and teachers focusing on sustainable mobility, with the aim of helping to transform the way we get around and participate fully in the life of our neighbourhoods and schools.

Workshops in CREATIVE MECHANICS OR an introduction to mechanics

In partnership with the Basisschool of Zenne and Sint Ursula and L'Interstice ASBL, we are organising creative mechanics workshops (creating mobiles, key rings, etc.) at the Maison Rouge using used bike parts from our Tour&Taxis workshop.

Fleet maintenance

To promote sustainable mobility, we need to maintain our means of transport, not only to extend their lifespan but also to ensure everyone's safety. That's why we are tasked with maintaining the bike fleets of our partners and beneficiaries in the project, through our mobile Barak'a'fiets mobile workshop or directly at the MolemBIKE workshop.

Guided tours

Hosted by Riet or Benjamin, some of the tours are aimed at teachers from partner schools and others at families in the Drootbeek district. These educational tours are ideal for discovering the history of the district and how it has evolved.

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