La Cohésion sociale par le vélo

MolemBIKE est une association de quartier à Molenbeek et Bruxelles-Ouest qui réunit des passionné·es de vélo autour de divers projets et activités conviviales.

Social cohesion through cycling

MolemBIKE is a non-profit organization located in Molenbeek's Maritime district in the West of Brussels,
it brings together dozens of cycling enthusiasts, volunteers, activists and professionals.

A wide range of projects and activities are being developed in a very friendly environment: cycling lessons for beginners and advanced riders (les Hirond'ELLES), a participatory cycling workshop (Do-It-Yourself), discovery walks for the general public, a mobile repair workshop (Barak'à Fiets), a small mechanics school, cycling courses for children and awareness-raising initiatives for everyday cyclists (Kidical Mass 1080), and much more besides!

The bicycle
repair workshop

Tuesdays - 6 to 9 pm

Reservation required


Introduction to cycling for adults

Beginners and advanced practitioners

La Barak' à Fiets

L'atelier mobile de réparation vélo

Les samedis en été

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