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The bike repair workshop molemBIKE

open from 6pm to 9pm
(reservation required)

The MolemBIKE repair workshop is a friendly community workshop open to all. Fellow cyclists are invited to work on their bike and discover the basics of bike mechanics .

Our volunteers will advise you and help you with your repairs. As far as possible, we practise DIY (Do-It-Yourself).

What we offer:

  • Advice from volunteers
  • Access to workstations and tools
  • New parts at affordable prices
  • Second-hand parts, Pay-What-You-Can : based on your ability to pay, pay what you feel the product is worth

You are requested to:

  • To sign the workshop charter.
  • Make a token contribution of 1€ for using workstations and tools

Do-it-yourself workshop ? How does it work?

Our workshop is inspired by the philosophy of self-repair and knowledge-sharing (Learn To... Do-It-Yourself).

In other words: instead of fish, we'll give you a fishing rod. NO STRESS! You'll be accompanied by (usually) smiling volunteers.

We guarantee the following new parts: brake pads (no disc pads), cables, chains, inner tubes, small parts... but it's up to you to bring your own tyres, cassettes, chain, etc... Hydraulic brakes are not available from us at the moment!

 With us, repairs are your responsibility! (If you have your cycle repaired by an approved bicycle dealer, you have a guarantee).

Our workshop is not equipped to repair electric bikes. Nor do we repair scooters!

That's right, from September to June. And that costs us a lot of energy! On Tuesday evenings, the workshop is run mainly by volunteers. On the other days of the week, we work on other projects, which is why we can't welcome you for your repairs.

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at your bike shop


You will be accompanied by volunteers during your one-hour slot, but they are not the only ones involved. not responsible repairs. 

We recommend that you come with a bike that is already a little cleanedIf you don't, it could take up a lot of time in your one-hour window, and you might not have time to do all the repairs you want to do. 

Booking is a commitmentIn the event of cancellation, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make room for other people on the waiting list. You can do this directly via the e-mail confirming your appointment.

You can pay on site in cash or by card.

If you have any problems, please call us on 0486 90 62 03

The participatory bicycle workshop is a project carried out within the framework of the Urban Renewal Contract 1 (social cohesion component 2019 - 2022) with the support of the City of Brussels and the Municipality of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, in partnership with Cyclo Lokal, Toestand and the Molenbeek Maritime Community Centre (MCC).

From 2023, the workshop is also supported by Brussels Mobility - Bike for Brussels!

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