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"With the Hirond'Elles, women learn to cycle and take to the streets of Brussels".

Living HERE

September 2023
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"24 hours with MolemBIKE. Building a community around cycling".

Ater Echos

Alter Echos n° 498 - 2021
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Les Hirond'Elles wil meer vrouwen op de fiets


July 2021
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"The bicycle as a tool for emancipation and the fight against precariousness


June 2022
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"Let's talk about cycling!"

Titanium sockets

Episode 21, September 2021
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"In Molenbeek, women's emancipation also involves cycling

The first

September 2021
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"Meeting with Women in cycling and Molembike to break through glass ceilings. "

Georges Gilkinet

September 2021
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"MolemBike partners with Brussels start-up Bilmo to create a "mobile workshop""

DH sports

January 2022
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"I fell off my bike, but I have the will to continue

The living

September 2019
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"Hirond'ELLES: cycling lessons for women in Molenbeek


September 2021
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"By bike, Les hirond'ELLES take their place in the city".

The grenades

March 2021
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"The mobile bike workshop, a business that works".

In the evening

October 2021
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"Things are going well in Molenbeek!


July 2O18
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