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Social engineering training

Training social mechanics !

Thanks to the support of the National Lottery, in 2023 we are introducing the Training For All.  

For workshop volunteers

Volunteers in the participatory workshop benefit from a a dozen bike mechanics training courses a year.

Some are led by Joëlle at the Cyclo participatory workshop, others by Mauricio at the MolemBIKE participatory workshop.


Les Hirond'Elles learn to ride, but also to get to know their bike and understand how it works.

Ana and Arthur train the Hirond'Elles in basic mechanics and how to choose the right equipment for each individual to ensure comfort and safety on the road.

For the general public

Open to residents of the maritime district and surrounding area, for a fee.

Low-income households will be given priority, as will minorities.

Places are limited.

Practical information to follow.

And maybe one day?

In keeping with the idea (shared with other friends from the cycling world) of creating a mini people's university in bike mechanics, we'd soon like to offer basic mechanics and creative mechanics courses for parents and children or teenagers from the maritime district...

Stay tuned!

In the "Training for All" project, we are promoting a number of values that are close to our hearts: 

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